TTF Bengaluru
04, 05, 06 February 2022
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TTF is India’s largest travel trade show network. Media delegates interacted with more than 2,500 Exhibitors from 80 Countries and 20,000+ trade visitors over 3 days at the TTF series. For any media person looking to cover the travel industry, TTF is the best place to be.

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The event organised by TTF in Ahmedabad has seen footfall from all walks of the business. Events like these prove that India is becoming an attractive tourist destination and the world is eyeing on Indian tourists as well. With our PM Narendra Modi’s new foreign policies with other countries gaining momentum, the country has witnessed a steady growth in tourists coming to India and Indians exploring other states. Such events provide an opportunity to work together and put India among the top tourism destinations. Rita Bahuguna Joshi Minister of Tourism Government of Uttar Pradesh    
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